Hey! I’m Michelle. I’m 37 and I’ve been happily married for 11 years. I have three daughters… 19, 15 and 5. No the last one wasn’t an accident, yes we are probably crazy. 

I have a flea market booth, an Etsy shop for physical products and another for digital designs. I write, I craft, and I make a lot of tik toks and reels. I live off coffee and sometimes I’m funny (at least as far as I’m concerned). I like to travel, camp, read, eat tacos, and scroll on my phone. 

My life is a hot mess most of the time and I embrace it fully. I want to help encourage parents to accept the fact that parenthood isn’t always easy, and they are not alone in their struggles. We are all in this together and no parent is perfect, some just hide it better than others. I hope you’ll stick around for a laugh or a tear or to learn something from the little tidbits that I share.



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