Day 1: Starting New Habits

Today is the 16th of January. Since the third of January I have had “Write for 30 minutes” on my to do list every single day. Since the third of January that task has been left unfinished every single day. Its not that I haven’t wanted to write or like I haven’t been able to find words, but it seems as though every single day more important tasks come up one after another until it’s time to make dinner and get everyone sent to bed.

As long as I can remember, and I’m talking about as far back as kindergarten, I have dreamed of being a writer. An author, a journalist, a freelancer.. just something. I know that the only way to make progress towards that dream is to actually sit down and put words on paper…. er… the laptop screen. So, why is it that for all these years I have managed to put everything else in front of what I want to do?

I have plenty to talk about! I just went on an amazing road trip with my husband. I’ve realized in the past couple of years that traveling gives me life and I want to be able to share my adventures! I’ve read some great books, cooked some fun meals and honestly just survived some interesting adventures in parenting. I’ve set goals for 2019 that I haven’t even put to paper. So today, I am breaking the cycle and making a conscious effort to spend a little bit of time every weekday writing.

It may not be the best writing or the most exciting or the most informative every day but my goal is to quit worrying about being good enough and just making an effort to sit down and do it because that is my version of self care.

I started this new blog at this new address because I feel like I need a fresh start. The name is a little dorky but I am too, so it seems fitting. I hope you’ll follow along and maybe get something useful out of what I have to say.

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