Anniversary Road Trip Tybee Island Part Two: Day 5

In December my husband and I took a massive road trip from Kansas to Florida and then to Tybee Island Georgia, our final destination. Yesterday I recapped our first day on Tybee Island and you can find that post here:

Our second day on the island we woke up and I said “Can we drive to South Carolina?” I just want to stop right here and give my husband props. If I was him, I probably would have throat punched me. I already talked him into this massive road trip, he drove the entire thing (I hate driving) and here I am asking to get back into the car. But, South Carolina was RIGHT THERE. We were so close to the border. But, he didn’t complain or even push back, he just told me we’d have to stop at Walmart in Savannah because he forgot to pack sneakers. I just want to say I packed an entire bag of shoes and only wore one pair.. and I forgot my Toms. So we got in the car, drove to Wal-Mart in Savannah and then drove to Hardeeville, South Carolina to get a drink at the gas station. Yes we are ridiculous but we marked off one more state on this trip! We visited 12 states on this road trip.

After we got back to Tybee we stopped at Tybean, the cutest little coffee shop. (I am currently kicking myself for not getting a coffee cup while I was there!) We got vanilla frappes that would make Starbucks ashamed of themselves. While drinking our coffee we walked around the Shops at Tybee Oaks and then we walked down to Seaside Sisters. The Shops At Tybee Oaks are full of items from local artists. Including amazing photography from all over the island and Savannah. All the shops were so cute and I loved the Mary Kay Andrews booth at Seaside Sisters. She’s an amazing author and has a rental property on the island. She was in Tybee while we were there but we didn’t run into her. haha.

After visiting the shops we parked the took the car back to the hotel and went walking. Tybee is not a town meant for driving at all and I’d rather walk down the beach than drive any day. Tybee has so many seashells and I saw a ton of Sand dollars! All the ones we found were still alive though so we didn’t bring one home. (If they are brown they are still alive, so you need to leave them there! Not only is it unkind to remove them from the ocean, it’s against the law!) It was low tide so it was a lot of fun to walk along the edge of the ocean and look at shells. It wasn’t terribly cold for December. I was comfortable in a t-shirt and cardigan!

We walked to the pier and then into town for lunch. Our first stop was Lighthouse Pizza and we shared a calzone. Next we stopped into Wet Willies for drinks! You can drink while walking around Tybee as long as it isn’t in a glass container, so we took our drinks to the beach and kept walking.

I loved the movie and the book The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks so I had to be a creeper and take a picture of the house where the movie was filmed.

Then, we walked back through town to our hotel to charge phones for a little bit! After a little break we walked down to Huc-A-Poos Bites and Booze and grabbed another drink. I got a Rum Runner this time…do you see where this is headed? And we walked back to the shore and followed it to North Beach Bar and Grill. We just wanted a snack and another drink but they closed at 5 that day. 😦

But I did get an amazing picture on North Beach that will likely be my new screensaver.

Since they were closed, we decided to head back to the hotel and change for the evening. It was New Years Eve so we planned to spend the evening downtown! We got ready at the hotel and called a cab because we had already walked so much that day. Tybee Island Taxi was there within a few minutes and our driver was so fun. She gave us her card so we could call when we were ready to go back. We ate dinner at Fannie’s on the Beach. I had a Pina Colada and a Po’ Boy, Justin had a Sex on the River and a Brisket Cheesesteak Sandwich. It was all so good! After we left we walked around a bit and stopped back into Wet Willies for another drink.

By then, I realized that I had been drinking straight sugar and alcohol all day. This was after months of basically eating keto, and consuming very little sugar. AND I usually drink like once a month. I am such a rookie. I felt HORRIBLE! I just wanted to sit down and not move. We ended up calling a cab and going back to the room. We took a nap and then walked down to the beach to watch the fireworks over the ocean. Honestly, I wouldn’t have changed that at all. From what I’ve seen the pier was crowded with lots of people and it would have been hard to get a cab and get back to our room. We had our own spot on the beach, beach chairs and I felt so much better by then. Walking 12 miles in a day probably didn’t help.

I spent months trying to figure out what to do for New Years Eve on Tybee Island and the internet was NO HELP, so here’s my advice.

  1. Definitely walk or take a cab downtown. There are a few cab companies on Tybee and none of them are expensive.
  2. Don’t dress up. Tybee is so low key and laid back. Jeans, comfortable shoes and a long sleeve shirt is perfect.
  3. Plan for a long wait to eat downtown. We got in to Fannie’s pretty quick, but when were left there was a long line.
  4. There are plenty of bars to hang out at it. Don’t worry about making a plan, be flexible and live on Tybee Time.
  5. It’ll get busy downtown and at the pier for fireworks. Most of the hotels are a great viewing area to see fireworks, take advantage of beach access if you have it and watch fireworks from there.
  6. Have fun! Tybee is now one of my favorite places. I can’t wait to go back. Even in the winter, even in the fog, it was perfect.

In my next recap post I’ll talk about our drive home and our stops along the way! See you again soon!

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  1. So glad you got to see it


    1. Me too!


  2. […] Branson Landing has gotten some new restaurants since the last time we visited! The Mellow Mushroom looks so good, and they have frozen daiquiri machines like we enjoyed while on Tybee Island.   […]


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