Salty Mermaid Cottage- Tybee Island, Georgia

If you have followed my blog, my Instagram or my personal Facebook page for more than… um.. about 10 seconds you probably know that I am OBSESSED with Tybee Island, Georgia.

Last December, my husband and I took a trip to Tybee Island after planning the trip for close to 11 months. From the second I stepped foot onto the island I immediately fell in love. Our stay wasn’t nearly long enough and I had to fight back tears when we left. The beaches are so incredibly clean. The locals are extremely friendly and the laid back atmosphere of Living On Tybee Time is an amazing life goal in my opinion. I may or may not have been searching for local real estate and jobs before we even left Georgia.

Recently, I’ve started to follow The Salty Mermaid Cottage from Tybee Island on Instagram. I love any opportunity I can get to get a little glimpse of Tybee Island and drool over that amazing coastal community. And you can tell that the owner has put some much thought and love into making her vacation a tropical paradise for her visitors. The owner of the Salty Mermaid contacted me and asked if I would like to share a little bit about her cottage with my blog followers and I knew I couldn’t resist showing off her breathtaking VRBO.

The Salty Mermaid is an authentic beach cottage that was constructed in the 1940’s. It was actually voted Swankiest Costal Charmer on Tybee Island. Viewing the photos, you can see exactly why it won this title. The interior and exterior décor are everything that you would expect from a beach cottage.

Can you imagine sitting on this porch swing in the morning while sipping coffee and enjoying the beautiful sounds on the ocean in the distance? I don’t think I could resist curling up here up a good book! Or perhaps napping on a porch swing after a long day of playing at the beach or browsing shops downtown!

The interior of the cottage is just as beautiful. This space screams relaxation with it’s fresh, clean walls and whimsy décor! I can imagine lounging on the couch in the evenings to enjoy a little bit of vacation downtime.

The kitchen are offers plenty of space for cooking and dining so that a family or a large group of girlfriends can enjoy a home cooked meal of fresh seafood! Maybe alongside a few pitchers of margaritas.

The mermaid in me is OBSESSED with this mermaid statue by the pool.

After you’ve rested up inside, (or even before, I mean it is vacation after all!) the outdoor space offers so many fun opportunities. There is a gorgeous salt water pool, a 6 person hot tub, a cornhole court and a fire pit for you to enjoy during your stay. Also, in the covered entertainment area under the home you’ll find an outdoor shower, a private bathroom and a ping pong table. The mom in me thinks: The outdoor shower is amazing for cleaning off sand covered bodies after trips to the beach. Also, no one could complain about being bored while resting at the cottage because there is so much to do!

At the end of the day there are plenty of places for everyone to crash after a fun day on Tybee Island. The interior of the cottage offers 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and it has sleeping for 8 people! How fun are these bunkbeds?

The other bedrooms are just as beautiful. I am obsessed with the TYB monogrammed pillows on the beds. What a fun touch!

As if this cottage isn’t great enough on its own, the location is perfect too! This is located mid-island, which is exactly where I would want to be when choosing my Tybee vacation spot. It’s just a 4 block walk to the ocean! On Tybee, everything is within walking distance since the entire island is less than 3.5 miles long. The beach, downtown and so many wonderful eating establishments are really only a quick walk or bike ride away.

If Tybee Island is on your list of places to visit, I highly encourage you to check out The Salty Mermaid! The hotels on the island are nice but I think a cottage is the best way to get the true Tybee Island Experience! If Tybee isn’t on your list, add it! You will not be disappointed in this gorgeous costal town. And one more thing, stop by and take me with you?

4 responses to “Salty Mermaid Cottage- Tybee Island, Georgia”

  1. I have been searching for a vaca spot, I’m pretty sure you most definitely have me sold! 😍 The Salty Mermaid sounds (and looks) AH-MAZING!! Thank you so much for posting this on your blog! – currently googling all things “the salty mermaid” .


    1. You’re welcome! This place is 😍😍😍


  2. My favorite memory of Tybee Island was being there at night as a hurricane was passing by, just far enough out that the outer bands brought a glorious warm wind into the beach that made you feel like it could just lift you up. The waves were crashing in around me almost waist high as I walked along the water’s edge. The sky was clear with bright stars lighting my path. That night felt like peace and magic.


    1. What an incredible memory😍 I can’t wait to go back!

      Liked by 1 person

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