8th Anniversary Road Trip: Final installment

Oh goodness. For the last month I’ve been working on recapping our road trip that we took to Fort Walton Beach Florida, Savannah Georgia and Tybee Island Georgia. Leaving Tybee was hard! I loved it there so much and had a wonderful time, but since adulting is dumb we had to return home eventually so my husband could return to work, and we missed our kiddos.

We left Tybee Island around 6:30 in the morning and headed home. The drive was looooooong through Georgia, Alabama and a little bit of Mississippi. But, we had a goal in mind, the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid in Memphis, TN! My hubby is a hunter and loves anything outdoorsy. (Me? I like getting drunk on patios, does that count? J/K, he’s made me love the outdoors a little, too.) Every time we are near a Bass Pro Shop we have to stop in and walk around. I’m pretty sure that the stop at the Pyramid is the only reason why he agreed to go on this trip. The Bass Pro Pyramid is located in downtown Memphis. It’s a giant store with a restaurant, a lodge and a 28 story tall elevator ride to the top the pyramid to see the entire city. Remember when I went to Tybee Island and I climbed the light house even though I’m terrified of heights? Do you think we could go to Bass Pro without going on the glass elevator? Of course not. Upon arrival we walked through and gazed at the beautiful décor and the huge fireplace outside of the check in for the lodge. Then, we made a beeline for the elevator because it was getting late and we didn’t want to miss our chance before they closed.

We paid for our tickets, they are $10 per person but we did get a military discount, which was lovely! I held my breathe and closed my eyes during the entire trip to the top because IT’S A GLASS ELEVATOR. Once we arrived up top we walked through the restaurant and then out to the GLASS observation deck. These people were obviously trying to kill me. Despite the fact that I was terrified I loved the view of Memphis.

After we got done outside we had to stand in line for a while to get back down to the bottom. We probably stood in line inside the restaurant for 15 minutes which could have been boring and annoying but they had a giant fish tank to stare at, and the husband and I spent the time daring each other to steal food off of peoples plates. We didn’t do it, don’t worry. This story doesn’t end with jail time.

The store was closing when we got back down so we headed back to the car. We ended up driving a little past Little Rock, Arkansas (and yes I sang A Little Past Little Rock for like 2 hours and drove him CRAZY). We stayed the night and lounged in the hot tub for a little bit before jumping in the car and coming home the next day! I am so thankful to my husband for putting up with me in the car for more than 40 hours over the course of a week. I love exploring new places with him and can’t wait for our next adventure!

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