10 tips for dealing with infant Hip Dysplasia

I originally wrote this post for another blog but wanted to go ahead and move it over here. I hope it’s helpful to someone!

A friend of mine is facing a possible hip dysplasia diagnosis. My fingers are crossed for her that the tests all come back clear, but I gave her a few tips just in case it is not. I figure that I might as share my info here too! I hope it helps someone.

When we received our diagnosis our Doctor told us to basically google how to care for Jordyn in her Pavlik harness. At that time it rubbed me a little wrong, but once I started to actually read things I realized that there is no way a doctor can have time to get me all the info I need during a short doctor visit.

  1. It’s ok to be freaking out. Give yourself a little bit of time to do that and then pull yourself together because you have a baby that needs you. I cried for about 3 days which was probably too much because I’m the anxiety queen, but it happens.
  2. Find support. I didn’t know anyone that had dealt with Hip Dysplasia so I felt completely lost. Once I got done with my freak out fest I got on Facebook and searched for a support group. I found a group where the ladies gave me so many tips AND I read a lot of success stories about babies that came out of everything just fine in their brace.
  3. You’ll need onesies and leg warmers. Every doctor is a little different but he had us put her in a onesie under her brace to keep it from rubbing against her skin and we used leg warmers to keep her little legs from getting cold. I found some great ones at Hobby Lobby that had loose elastic that didn’t dig into her legs.
  4. We used big dresses, and shirts to cover her over her brace so the brace didn’t get as dirty. The brace will get dirty and stinky, but if the baby is in it 24/7 there isn’t much you can do about it. Spot clean with baby wipes.
  5. Bumbos, walkers, and jumperoos are a No No. These kind of devices don’t keep their hips in the appropriate position. It sucks but convenience isn’t a reason to hinder progress.
  6. Baby wearing is still possible as long as you use a hip healthy carrier. We used a Baby K’tan. To find a list of Hip Healthy products visit: https://hipdysplasia.org/developmental-dysplasia-of-the-hip/prevention/baby-carriers-seats-and-other-equipment/hip-healthy-products/
  7. Hipdysplasia.org is an amazing website with all kinds of great info.
  8. Tummy time can still be done! We put her on a throw pillow under her tummy to help keep her from laying awkwardly on her brace.
  9. For feeding time, especially when she started baby food, I would put a huge oversized shirt on her to keep her brace clean. I fed her in her bouncer chair because she wouldn’t fit in her high chair.
  10. Trust the process. Dealing with a brace is hard but there are so many success stories. Do what the doctor says and trust the process!

I am by no means a doctor or a medical professional. These are just things that made our process a little easier to deal with. Not every ones DDH journey is the same, so this is just part of our story to hopefully help encourage others. If you have questions about your child’s journey you should always reach out to their doctor.

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