Galveston Family Vacation 2018

Yesterday, a Facebook friend of mine posted asking for opinions on things to do in Galveston, Texas. Our family took a trip there last April, so I figured this was a good opportunity to share our experience!

This was actually mine and the kids first trip to the ocean! Galveston may not be the prettiest beach, but it’s only about a 10 hour drive from our house, so I’ll take a beach whenever I can get it.

We made a pit stop in Waco, Texas on our way there, but I’ll save Waco for another post. I made it to Waco two times last year and I have a lot to share about that later.

We stayed at Casa Del Mar in a condo, right across the street from the beach. Our condo number was 215 and the reason why I’m sharing that is because different people own the condos. Maureen was our host and she did an amazing job! She text me a couple of days ahead of time with the entry code and you could tell that she really loves renting out her property. Here are some pics I found online since apparently I didn’t get any of my own.

When we walked in we automatically felt like we were in a beach house. Her decorations are gorgeous and there was so much attention to details like beach toys, coffee pods, and lawn chairs available for guests to use. The only problem we had there was our BABY! She would not sleep in a pack and play and had to sleep between us. Which would be fine if she slept instead of kicking like a ninja all night. If she would have slept in the pack and play or a bunk bed it would have been a perfect fit.

As soon we were settled we ventured out to the beach. The kids and I fell in love automatically. The weather was perfect and we had a pretty empty beach since it was a Thursday in April! We ate dinner at the condo since it had a full kitchen, which was amazing. Such a great way to save money on a family vacation!

On our second day we got up early and went to the Bolivar Ferry so we could be taken to Crystal Beach. I had never been on a ferry so it was pretty cool to be able to pull up with our car and ride the boat across to the island.

We drove all around Crystal Beach. We spent the day stopping at a couple of beach access points to play in the water and hunt for shells before heading to Stingaree Restaurant and Marina for lunch. Everyone’s food was so good and what’s better than eating while watching the water outside? We finished lunch and drove around on the island a bit more. I love looking at the beach houses. What I wouldn’t give for a little turquoise house on the beach.

It was about naptime for Jordyn so we jumped in the car and headed back to Galveston. She feel asleep in the car so we continued driving around. We hunted down the Kettle House that was rumored to be a subject of an upcoming HGTV show. When we got back home we went to the beach, again, and then made dinner and decided to walk to the pier.

Listen, this was a dumb idea. It was a long walk from our condo. Like 3 miles round trip? With three kids? Stupid. We should have drove. We will mapquest our walks from now on. I guess it was one of those times where you show your kids; “See, parents do dumb shit too!” I did like that I was able to see a few statues that I had wanted to hunt down on our way there.

Look at this gorgeous memorial to victims of the Hurricane in 1900.

Anyway, my husband and our middle daughter are the only ones that like rides so we basically paid a small fortune for the two of them to ride on a roller coaster on the pier. If rides are your thing, you might find it worth the cost. They had fun riding but the rest us had to pay to get onto the pier so it was kind of a waste for the rest of us. When we got back to the condo we were dead from walking a 5k so we all went to bed pretty early.

The next morning we got up pearly and went downtown. Our first stop was the Dolphin Tour. The kids had been looking forward to this the entire trip so we were super excited to go. Annnnnd it was too windy to go out on the water. They shut the tour down just as we arrived. The girls were devastated and I felt like a total failure. This is where I learned that you should do important things on your first day of vacation just in case you can’t go another day. Hopefully we can take them on a Dolphin Tour next time we go the beach!

Instead of the tour we walked around downtown and shopped for souvenirs.

After our walk we stopped into Saltgrass Steakhouse for lunch. We got there right at opening and I found out that I love this chain restaurant. We had most of the restaurant to ourselves so it was a nice relaxing lunch. After lunch we went back to the beach for a while before deciding to head back that night instead of the next morning. Its hard to drive overnight but it’s so much easier to drive with kids while they are sleeping. We hated leaving the island but we had a great trip while we were there! It was a great first trip to the ocean!

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