Savannah Breeze by Mary Kay Andrews

Hi, my name is Michelle and I have a problem. I just read an entire novel in 24 hours. That’s nerdy isn’t it? Nerdy isn’t a title I’ve ever given myself but if having my nose stuck in a book 24/7 means that I’m nerdy then I will proudly wear that title. Hell, I’ll parade it out on the front porch too, but not until Spring because it’s currently 21 degrees in Southeast Kansas.

This book was amazing. I didn’t realize that it’s actually part two of the Weezie and BeBe Mysteries until after I started reading it, but I will definitely be reading it soon. Actually I have full intentions of reading every Mary Kay Andrews book that I can get my hands on. That woman knows how to write! And not just how to write but how to write a story that gets a hold of you and keeps you hooked until the end. She is amazing at writing mystery novels and makes you wish there was more right as you finish the book. If you haven’t read this book yet, be warned that my review does have some spoilers.

This book is about BeBe Loudermilk. A fierce, independent woman who has worked hard all of her life to fulfill her dreams. She owns a restaurant in downtown Savannah, Georgia and has an adorable little home in the Savannah Historic District, as well as some rental properties. Well, until she met a man named “Reddy” who swooped in, saved her in the middle of a horrible day and then quickly swindled her out of everything she owned. All she was left with was a run down hotel on Tybee Island. BeBe went from having it all to be forced to quickly putting her blood, sweat and tears into the Breeze Inn so she could support herself and have a place to live. All, with the help of the not so charming, Harry, a fisherman and the current manager at the Inn. Over the course of the story she and her best friend Weezie were able to fix up the Inn, and get her money back from the conman. And in the end she found love in the arms of Harry, an unlikely source. This was such a good read and I can’t wait to read more about Weezie and BeBe.

Being the research nerd that I am (that’s that word again!) I immediately googled the Breeze Inn on Tybee. I went to Tybee in December of last year, so I was instantly curious to find out if it was a real Inn. While there isn’t a run down hotel on Tybee named Breeze Inn, Mary Kay Andrews has an adorable rental house under the same name. Check out the adorable property here! 

If I had endless amounts of cash and my husband had more vacation time I could spent months staying in various beach properties. In fact, I’d happily move to Tybee Island permanently, get a waitressing job at Fannie’s and live my best life. That isn’t really an option for me at the moment so I’m glad I found Mary Kay Andrews so I can live on the beach vicariously through her books!

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