The Gathering Place- Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you know me at all, you probably know that I am a huge fan of traveling. It seems like I am always elbow deep in trying to plan some kind of vacation. The further away from home, the better. Right?

Well, it’s officially summer vacation and the boredom of being cooped up at home is kicking in, especially for me which makes no sense because I’m home every day anyway. But, with that being said I am attempting to check out some more local places that we haven’t visited yet, or in a while. Our first destination was The Gathering Place in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Gathering Place is a FREE park located in Tulsa, right on the Riverside. It’s full of fun things to do and there is really something for everyone. And it was voted as the #1 Best New Attraction in USA Today!

Just a few things that we enjoyed were the different types of playground equipment, a zipline, tons of climbing structures, slides, playhouses and my absolute favorite, the Sensory Garden. Here is my daughter checking out the Mirror Maze in the Sensory Garden.

The Banana Slide! It was super hot, so be sure to check it before letting the kiddos touch it! My daughter slid down on a blanket which may not have been the best idea ever.
So many great climbing spots!
I have serious playhouse envy! There were so many cute ones!

There was so much to do and I’m not totally sure we even covered it all! I can not wait to go back. Here are some things I will do differently next time.

Show up earlier. We got there around 12 and it was already so hot. The park opens at 9:00 am and I will definitely plan to get there right at opening.

They do have food in the park, but I would totally pack a lunch and make a day of it. I didn’t buy any food while I was there so I’m not sure about prices. Food is allowed to be brought into the park. Just be sure to check the website to ensure you aren’t bringing anything that isn’t allowed such as: glass bottles, outside alcohol and outside grills.

Definitely bring sunscreen, hats and a first aid kit. We talked to a mom and her baby had touched a hot surface and was bawling. She and I were both kicking ourselves for not having a first aid kit with us, it is definitely going in the stroller from now on.

Also, be sure to check their website for Events! They host all kinds of fun events in the park like story time, fitness classes, concerts and more!

Such a cool, giant slide!
Making music back in the sensory garden!

I really hope you decide to check out The Gathering Place if you are in the Tulsa Area! As an added bonus, we went to the “Center of the Universe” in downtown Tulsa after the park. Supposedly this metal circle is the literal Center of the Universe. If you stand in the circle and talk you can hear yourself echo, but no one outside of the circle can hear the echo. Very cool and yes it did work! Check out this site for more info:

It is definitely worth a stop if you are in the Tulsa Area! Also, downtown Tulsa is pretty cool too! Maybe check out the Center Of The Universe and then stop into Hurts Donuts, just down the street, for a treat on the way home!

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