Pioneer Woman Mercantile and Lodge- Pawhuska

Hey hey! You guys, its not a nice thing to say out loud, but summer is almost over! My kids are going back to school in like 22 days. How did this even happen? We really did try to enjoy our summer this year and we took few fun trips!

One place that we really enjoyed checking out was the Pioneer Woman Mercantile in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. As well as her lodge!

Here are the girls standing in front of the entrance for the Merc!

We arrived at the Mercantile around 10:30 and put our names on the list for a table. We were told it would be about an hour wait, which wasn’t too bad. So we decided to spend some time doing souvenir shopping and checking out the amazing bakery upstairs! Meanwhile, we also grabbed our ticket to the Lodge so we could go by after lunch.

So many choices!
Spicy Cowgirl Iced Coffee and Cupcakes!

The girls each got a cupcake to take home and my twelve year old and I got a Spicy Cowgirl (Iced Coffee). We bought our souvenirs.. a Charlie Dog and a Drummond Ranch Hat before taking our coffee outside to sit and wait for our table.

We had a lot of fun posing with the truck outside!

Once the kids got restless we walked to a store next door and did some shopping and then headed back into the Merc to walk around and wait for our table. Finally we received a text telling us our table was ready! It ended up being about an hour and a half wait, which I kind of expected during the summertime. I do think if I would have realized how long the wait was we would have spent more time shopping around in the surrounding stores, while waiting our turn. Next time I would do that for sure, there are a lot of fun stores in downtown Pawhuska!

Here’s a peek at the current menu.

My older daughter and I both got a fried chicken sandwich and fries.

Ya’ll there is no kids menu which is kind of a pain the butt when you have a two year old. She got a grilled cheese sandwich and an order of fries. And didn’t eat much. So, that was kind of a waste of money, but I kept telling myself we where there for the experience, not to get a good deal. (I’m so cheap so that’s a hard one for me sometimes!)

Grilled Cheese and Fries- don’t mind the dog butt, she demanded he sit on the table.
Fried Chicken Sandwich and fries. So freaking good. I want to eat those fries every day.

After lunch we waddled across the street to the new ice cream shop! Charlie’s Sweet Shop!

The ice cream was delicious and actually very reasonably priced! And the store was super cute! We have a bassett hound so we are kind of obsessed with Charlie The Ranch Dog.

After eating, this shopaholic carried our bags back to the car and we headed to the lodge. The lodge is where the PW records her cooking show and also this is apparently a place that they use for lodging when people come to visit. It’s maybe a 30-45 minute drive from the Mercantile, so allow plenty of time and make sure you have plenty of gas.

The drive is worth the view.

The lodge is breathtaking and pretty much my dream house. There are lots of photo opportunities for pretend cooking in the massive kitchen.

The lodge is full of gorgeous bedrooms, a commercial kitchen, a huge pantry, and an amazing deck for relaxing and enjoying the view. I will say, you if you plan to make the trip, try to do it during the time that they do lodge tours! Check here for current dates!

I love going to Pawhuska and seeing what Ree has done for that community. What started with the Mercantile has grown into that, a pizzeria, the ice cream shop, a hotel, and so much more. Downtown Pawhuska has lots of cute shops and its just a blossoming little town.

I started reading Ree’s blog over 10 years ago. I remember being an awe of her food photography and adoring her humor. I can not believe how much she has exploded since then! But, also, it’s well deserved. She has worked hard to get there.

Have you visited the Mercantile? What did you think?

2 responses to “Pioneer Woman Mercantile and Lodge- Pawhuska”

  1. This was so fun to learn about!!


  2. I have visited on a trip back to Oklahoma. I thought it was great! Loves every bit of it.


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