Cheap and easy porch gnome

Ever since I jumped headfirst into the gnome trend, I have been tagged in pictures of gnomes over and over again on facebook. Especially the posts with the porch gnomes!

I think they are freaking adorable, but since its in the thick of Christmas crafting season, I rarely have time to make things for myself. 

The other day I was on a mission to finally getting a few ornaments made for my naked Christmas tree and I stumbled upon some garland I had bought and forgot about. I decided to see if I could make a gnome for my porch using things that I already had at home and I made it happen!

Here’s what I used:

Empty coffee can. (This was one of the all ones from Sam’s club)

Sand to fill the tub with. You could use anything heavy.. rocks, etc. I just don’t want him to blow away.

2 Strands of Dollar Tree Garland 

2 bandanas 

A jingle bell

Hot glue


First I started by filling the can with sand to keep him from blowing off my porch. Next I took the first strand and garland and wrapped it around the can. I secured it into place with some hot glue. The second strand of garland I folded in about 15 inch sections so it could imitate a beard coming down the front of the can. I tied twine around the can, over the top of the 2nd layer garland to secure it.

Next I drew a long skinny triangle on of the bandanas and cut out two of them. I just tried to make sure it was a little bigger that the width of the coffee can. I sewed them together to make a hat. This isn’t necessary and could have been done with hot glue, but my sewing machine was out so why not.

I turned the hat right side out and hot glued a Pom Pom to the tip. Next I slid the hat over his “head” and attached the bell to his beard using hot glue. I put it just under the brim of his hat so I old scrunch his hat up just a bit over the nose. I put a few dots of glue all around him under the bottom of his hat so it’ll stay in place.

I love him. ❤️❤️

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