Keep going- Free phone wallpaper

Today is the second day of the year, and the second day of the new decade. Most people are still going strong with their new resolutions because it’s still early in the game. But really, if you are already having a hard time that’s ok too. Shit happens.

Last night my husband made fun of me because my watch screen saver was still Christmas themed, so I decided I’d better change my watch and phone. I could not find anything I loved for my phone so I decided to make one real quick! and I thought it would be nice to share with everyone else.

It says “Don’t throw away the whole year for one bad day. Keep going.”

This is a reminder I needed! I do an awful job of missing one workout, or eating one junk meal, or not drinking enough water and then suddenly it’s like the whole day/week/month/year is a bust. If you drop your phone and crack it you don’t throw it back down repeatedly until it’s totally shattered, so why do it to your goals? That’s silly! If you mess up, dust yourself off and keep going. You can do this!

Feel free to save this wallpaper photo and use it on your phone too!

What goals are you working towards this year?

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