Cruise Recap- Day One

Hi. It’s Me. Michelle. I hope you haven’t forgotten all about me since I fell off the face of the planet for a couple of weeks. I was dealing with a super stressful situation. Preparing for vacation.

Why in the hell is vacation so stressful? It’s supposed to be the exact opposite of that , but somehow I manage to turn it into just another circle of hell. Packing gives me hives. Pre-vacation cleaning goes from “not having things to do when I get home” to “the entire house needs to be Spring Cleaned”. What the heck is that.

And then I get home and I still have 800 billion things to do. So, all that pre-vacation stress was not even worth it. GAH. A friend of mine said “Oh you just got back from vacation, you’re already rested.” And then I laughed so hard that I died and I came back to life and then died again.

Anyway, enough whining. Hi! I’m back. I missed you.

Last week my husband and I took our very first cruise. We sailed out of New Orleans and took a 4 day Carnival cruise to Cozumel.

We live in a small community, so everywhere I go I hear “How was your cruise?!”

And when I look at them and kind of shrug and say “Ehhhh”, it’s fun to watch their head explode.

Don’t get me wrong, because we really did have a good time and Cozumel was gorgeous. But will we rush to book our next one? Probably not.

We boarded the Valor on Thursday afternoon. Remember, this was our first cruise so we weren’t sure what to expect. Oh also, I’ve never flown so I was very lost. After going through customs we got an unflattering picture taken, and sat in rows of chairs elbow to elbow with and knee to knee with strangers. So, have a fully charged phone!

Once we finally got on the ship, we had some time to kill and were pointed in the direction of Deck 9 (The Lido Deck) for lunch. We had done plenty of research so we ran like crazy people straight to Guys Burgers. As we were sitting down we were handed some very delicious tropical drinks. I have no freaking clue what it was, but it was yummy! This wasn’t our last trip to Guys. Definitely one of the best food places on the ship. They also have a topping bar with things like jalapenos, onions, mushrooms, etc.

Guys Burger and My Mystery Beverage

After eating we did some exploring, because we couldn’t get into our room until after 1:30. The Serenity (Adults Only) deck was amazing. No kids, and this little pod chairs? Yes please. Unfortunately, I never got to lay in one of these in read. Pretty sure we both have ADHD because we never sat anywhere for long.

Napping/reading pod!
Adults only deck!

After our tour we were able to get into our room and get our Sign and Sail Cards. Bring a lanyard so you don’t have to pay for one, to carry your lanyard. Walmart doesn’t have many great options (automotive department for men lanyards), but Lowes has a bunch to choose from. I had already bought him a fancy camo one from Wal-Mart when I found this out. Ha! Your sign and sail card will be your life line for all our cruise. Especially if you bought the drink package. You will want a lanyard. Trust me.

After we got settled it was time for Muster Drill. No, you can not get out of muster drill. If you skip it, they will find you and it will be at a super inconvenient time. Just go do it and stand uncomfortably close to strangers and hope you’ll never need to know the shit they are telling you. It’s a fun time. Its just a run down of what to do if you need to evacuate the ship. No biggie. Anxiety is neat. According to my apple watch heart rate monitor I definitely still have anxiety.

We chose the early dining time 6:00 so after getting lost all over the place, we finally found the Washington Dining Room. We were led to our table and much to our surprise we had table mates. I didn’t know that was even a thing. I can only assume that there is a magical elf at Carnival that pairs up the best potential dinner partners. They totally knocked that one out of the park. We couldn’t have been paired with a better couple, and we ended up hanging out with them on the ship. Good job Carnival match maker, if you are reading this.

I will say I wish I had thrown on a sundress for dinner! I was still in my leggings and pullover, which was FINE but lots of people were dressed up. It isn’t a necessity but I was a little jealous! I wear leggings and t-shirts every day so I should have taken the opportunity to dress up a bit. Eating dinner in the dining room was an interesting experience. Honestly, I wasn’t super impressed by the food. It was kind of flavorless, and maybe too fancy for us. But the table company was great and our wait staff was awesome. Just remember that you can order as many things as you want. You will order your appetizer, main dish, sides and desserts all at the same time. Want a salad and stuffed mushrooms? Do it. No one will judge you and if they do, they are losers. Try all the foods because it’s included, so you might as well!

Also, FYI, pizza is the only thing you can get after 11:00 so when you don’t get enough to eat in the dining room and you want a snack, pizza will do in a pinch. It’s not the best pizza ever but it will work. You can get room service after 11 but you do have to pay extra for it so it’s up to you.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad first day. But MAN, I was not prepared to be woken up at 1:45 in the morning because the boat was rocking all over the place. Our cabinets were flying open and the drawers were slamming. I woke up and said OMG we are going over. I took some sea sickness meds and tried to sleep but it was a rocky night (pun intended).

That’s all for day one! Stayed tuned for more recaps from our trip! Have you ever cruised? Was it a rocky trip?

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