Cruise Recap: Port Day Cozumel

Since we just took a short cruise, we only had one port stop, Cozumel!

I’m going to be honest. We were kind of nervous about what to expect. This is the first time I had ever traveled outside of the US and I didn’t know what I was going to be walking into.

Oh also, did you know that you do not have to have a passport to cruise to another country. Is it recommended, however if you are an un-organized disaster who forgets to apply for a passport until 5 weeks before you leave, then you just wing it. If you don’t have a passport, then I don’t suggest missing the boat because you will have to find your own way home… which would be a pain without a passport.

Anyway, as soon as we got off the boat there were Carnival photographers EVERY WHERE. Hop into more than one photo. Especially if you bought the photo package. We found that our pictures so far had not been amazing, and I regret not taking more during formal night! (more on that later)

Once we made our way down the pier were walked through a store filled floor to ceiling with cosmetics and alcohol and vanilla and everything your little heart could desire.

We pushed our way through with promises that we would check things out on the way back. Who wants to carry a bottle of vanilla all over Mexico?

Once we got out on the other side we got sniffed by some drug dogs and then we were free to figure out what we were doing. We walked through the port while being called from every direction to check out their diamonds and taste test tequila, but if you said no thank you, they left you alone and everything was literally fine.

We had reservations for Mr. Sancho’s Beach Club so we found a taxi, and off we went! He did confirm that we had reservations, because it was a busy day there apparently. It was a $17 cab ride for the two of us, we gave him $20.

Once we arrived they took our name, and confirmed our reservation. It’s $60 per person for unlimited drinks, food and beach access. As soon as we walked in our waiter found us (I’m so mad that I can’t remember his name!) and he led us right to our table. We hadn’t had breakfast yet, so being the mature responsible adults that we are, we ordered french fries and margaritas. With guacamole, of course. Best fries I had for breakfast this whole trip. Possibly ever.

After we ate our nutritious meal, we changed clothes and headed down to the beach. The water was cold, but like a pool, once you got in you got used to it. I’ve never really swam in the sea before, so kicking back and floating felt incredible.

Once we got done in the water we grabbed our drinks and went back to our table to enjoy some lunch. By then I had drank a strawberry margarita and a Miami Vice. They were both really good. The Miami Vice was better than it was on the cruise ship. Here are the menus:

Food Menu!
Drink Menu

Justin had chicken tacos and I had shrimp tacos. Easily this was my favorite meal for the entire trip. After eating we got back in the water for a little bit before drying off and heading back into town.

Hands down I 10/10 recommend Mr.Sancho’s. They have it all. You can eat, swim, relax, play on inflatables, ride horses, get a massage.. whatever. If I’m ever back in Cozumel I will absolutely go back. I felt safe and relaxed the whole time we were there.

Before leaving I had to have a shot glass to add to our liquor cabinet. What I wasn’t prepared for was the people trying to get us to go into their shops on the way out. I don’t love to buy a lot of clutter so we politely looked and then got out of the there. We took a taxi back to town, same price as before.

When we got back to the port we walked around a little bit. I was super excited to see these iguanas.

On the way out I saw some ladies trying to selfie in front of this sign. Pro tip: If you see someone struggling offer to take their photo in exchange for the same. Then you don’t have to try to take a selfie with a sign!

As promised we ran through the shop and bought a bottle of Mexican Tequila and some vanilla before boarding early. Out of fear that we were going to get left. We checked our booze and then I took a nap. Justin watched the pier runners from the Lido Deck.

After my afternoon nap (sunburns make me sleepy.. it does not matter that I applied SPF 100 3 times) we got ready for dinner. First we went to look at our pictures from the previous night, which is when I wanted to DIE. I bought the photo package when I got the beverage package. Gathering all of our photos from the trip so far, I found that choosing 5 pictures was going to DIFFICULT. We decided to run around after dinner and take as many pictures as possible.

So we met our table mates for dinner and then we ran around and took a bunch of pictures. There is no pain like waiting until the next day to see how they turned out. ugh. I wore my new faux leather leggings from Amazon that night. Seriously any kind of clothing goes. Want to wear a cocktail dress every night? Do it. Want to wear jeans and sneakers? Do it. As long as you aren’t trying to wear flip flops and a swimsuit into the dining room for dinner you are fine.

After our photo sessions we met up with our dinner friends again and went to the Love and Marriage Show. It was actually super funny and a lot of fun to watch. I might have maybe had too many mojitos (had to get my 5-6 to get my monies worth of my drink package, right?). Then we ate some pizza and headed off to bed. Definitely a fun night!

Have you ever been to Cozumel? What’s your favorite excursion?

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