Guest Post: Handy Tips for a Safe, Healthy Halloween in 2020

Welcome back friends! If you are looking for some alternatives to Halloween in a pandemic…. we’ve got you covered!

Please enjoy this guest blogger post from More Happier Moms

Handy Tips for a Safe, Healthy Halloween in 2020

Spooky season has arrived, and Halloween is just around the corner! However, we all have to take a different approach to the holiday this year. After all, trick-or-treating and costume parties are about as far from COVID-safe practices as you can get – and you certainly won’t see anybody bobbing for apples this year. 

More Happier Moms knows how important it is to keep traditions going, even if you have to find new ways to do them. That’s why we’ve gathered together this list of alternative ways to celebrate Halloween in 2020: 

Host an Outdoor Party 

COVID-19 spreads mainly through airborne particles, so wide-open spaces keep your risk low. 

Organize a Trunk or Treat 

Trick-or-treat alternatives make a lot of sense this year.

  • Trunk-or-treats are a longstanding tradition for kids in areas where traditional trick-or-treating won’t work. 
  • You can apply the same principle to COVID-19 safety by organizing a socially distant trunk-or-treat with family members or your COVID-19 bubble
  • Check out these tips for keeping this kind of celebration as safe as possible. 

Go Virtual 

Connecting online keeps everyone safe. 

  • Use a chat service like Zoom to host a virtual costume party, so your little ones and their friends can share their spooky looks. 
  • Host a virtual pumpkin carving contest – everyone carves their pumpkin ahead of time, then get together on zoom to show off your creations
  • Grown ups can enjoy a virtual event, too. For example, schedule a Halloween Happy Hour where all the guests enjoy the same festive cocktail

Yes, this will be a different kind of Halloween, but we can still make the most of it. These are just a few of the ways you can embrace the Halloween spirit without significantly raising your risk. Take care, and Happy Haunting!

Visit More Happier Moms for more ideas and inspiration for your parenting journey!

Photo Credit: Pexels


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