Galvanized Milk Can Ornaments

Hi! I’ve been working on making new ornaments for our tree this year and I couldn’t finish out this holiday season without showing off one more project.

One day while wandering around Hobby Lobby I found these adorable little galvanized milk cans! I knew immediately that I would need a couple for our Christmas tree! They just needed some work first.

I started first by distressing the finish on the cans a little. They started out awfully shiny.

After doing some research I found that they could be soaked in vinegar and salt to give them a rough finish. Everything I read suggested 2 parts vinegar, 1 part salt. I only had about a cup of vinegar on hand, so I poured it into the bowl and about 1/2 cup of salt. It wasn’t enough to completely submerge them, so I soaked them for about 2 hours before flipping them. Definitely would have wanted to be able to completely submerge them for an even finish next time!

Once they were done, I rinsed them off and added some vinyl decals. I used a cow silhouette I found online and added the word “Milk” and also I used a wreath that I already had and added the R.

After I applied the vinyl, I tired some jute string around the handles and hung them on the tree. I think they turned out really cute! Especially for something that cost about $5.00 total for 2. (Since I had almost all of the material on hand.)

The possibilities are endless with these! You could add any kind of vinyl decor… established dates, last names, etc. And these would be cut with some bows around the top too!

Christmas Stocking Tags

Christmas is less than two weeks away, so naturally I am STILL working on Christmas projects… including my decor.

I am changing all of my Christmas decorations this year, and I bought these super cute buffalo plaid and fur stockings from Hobby Lobby. I don’t really want to put names on them, in case we don’t keep them forever… (check with me again if I ever learn to embroider). So I thought I’d make something to hang from the stocking holders to identify whose is whose.

I found some unfinished wood tags at Dollar General last week and knew they would be perfect! Also, here are some similar ones from Amazon that would be just as great! AND you wouldn’t have to leave your house!

I started with staining the tags. I did this last night so I could let them dry over night.

Today I cut our names out with white HTV. (I’m obsessed with putting HTV on wood these days.) I pressed at 250 degrees for 10 seconds. Make sure to put something like a towel between the heat press and your tag so you don’t get stain on your machine. The font I used is called Shania.

Once these were done I used a 9 inch piece of twine and attached it to the tag.

I love the way they look hanging on the mantle!

Fabric buffalo plaid ornaments

This year I got a wild idea to change all of my Christmas decorations and go with buffalo plaid. This meant I needed everything, right down to ornaments for my tree.

I put my tree up in early November because I have no patience, but my ornaments just went on my tree this week.

I started with these plain wooden ornaments from Hobby Lobby. I painted them black on both sides. Once the paint dried I traced the ornaments onto some fabric using chalk and cut them out. (I used bandanas from Hobby Lobby. Cheap fabric!)

I put a thick layer on mod podge on the wood and attached the fabric, being sure to smooth them out as i went. After allowing them to try for about an hour I used an exacto blade and a pair of scissors to trim off the excess fabric.

Once that was done I painted the little toppers green and worked on cutting out some vinyl. There is something I love about glitter ornaments so I used glitter heat transfer vinyl. After I had it cut and lined up I put my heat press on 250 degrees and pressed the vinyl for about 7 seconds. After the vinyl was applied I added some twine and hung them on my tree! I love the finished product!