Home Makeover: Quarantine Edition- Master Bedroom

What a long, weird summer we had this year. After I finally got sick of baking 545154536 loafs of banana bread and finish every non-important task on my to do list, I decided to take on a new task. Basically, I think I was just trying to control anything I could while the rest of the world was feeling out of control. So, why not completely redecorate my house? We went from a white farmhouse to a dark western boho theme. And I am in love with the outcome.

So, I think now is a good time to start showing off my progress! Our house isn’t totally done, but really is a house ever totally done anyway?

Today we are going to start with my bedroom!

Here’s the before:

While I did really love this bedroom, I also had done our house in a neutral farmhouse style so that it could easily be listed and resold if needed. (I have commitment issues with houses… I usually want to move every three years and we have been here for 5.) It was time to make it a home for us instead of for other people.

I started out by painting the accent wall Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. Sidenote: I learned over the course of this remodel that I will only buy paint from Sherwin Williams. Previously, our entire house was Dover White by Sherwin Williams, but I bought i

t all through Lowes. What happened was, no matter if I gave them the same card or the same paint formula every single time, the color never matched from one can to another. I know it’s normal for a small variation but I have had none of those issues with Sherwin Williams. Also, it’s worth it to pay a little more for good quality paint. You can do 4 coats of the cheap stuff or 2 coats of the good stuff. Spend the money and buy quality paint. Sherwin Williams always has sales, watch for their coupons.

Anyway, like I said, the accent wall is Tricorn Black, and the other walls are Accessible Beige. The person at Sherwin Williams helped me pick it out based on wanting to match with Tricorn and he did an excellent job. It fits the vibe of this room so well.

The duvet cover is from Target. This is the most comfortable bedding I’ve probably ever had. I also picked up the faux fur throw pillows at Target, as well as the lamps! The lamps are no longer showing online, but here is the same lamp in pink. I picked up the throw blanket at a local flea market.

Now, the cow print. That’s a whole freaking saga. Initally, I saw that our local-ish Target had a cow print in stock that I liked, so I jumped in the car and went to get it. Only to find out that it sold the night before through pickup. They were out of stock. I didn’t have time to look at other stores, so back home I went with my tail between my legs, but also with my bedding, lamps, and throw pillows (oops).

I ended up calling a bunch of Targets, out of stock everywhere. My local Target again said they had it so I tried to order it through pickup and it got cancelled, twice. I found a replacement from kohls, and I was so happy… until they cancelled. I just happened to find the exact one that Kohl’s had, on Overstock.com. He was exactly what I needed to fill the space.

I also scored this cactus print from Target during my accidental trip. I think it’s perfect in the corner. Also the hooden hanger for my bags was a perfect yard sale find! Black curtains are from Walmart.

There are still a few things I would like to add, but I love the way it is coming together. Did you do any major home changes during quarantine?

Tip Tuesday: Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Last Spring I got the bright idea to paint my kitchen cabinets because we were preparing to lay down our new flooring. Since then I’ve had a ton of people ask me about them, so I wanted to take a moment to share my process and tools.

First off, painting cabinets is a huge freaking job. HUGE. This took me probably a full week, if not longer, and I cussed literally the whole time. BUT. It’s cheaper than replacing cabinets and a little bit of paint changes things so much! I am still in love with the outcome.


Prep Work

There is plenty of prep work involved with painting cabinets. Especially in an almost 70 year old house. First, I spent some time cleaning like a crazy woman. I mixed together some baking soda, dawn and warm water and used this to scrub everything down. WARNING: this will ruin the cabinets finish (I accidentally found this out when we moved in, long before I was ready to paint… whoops.) but since we were painting I didn’t care this time around.

After cleaning everything up I got some deglosser and went over all of the outside wood twice. Be sure to wear gloves, and safety glasses (yes you’ll look like a dork but that won’t matter if you get it in your eye and go blind will it?) and open a window.

I didn’t do any sanding, but the deglosser helped the paint to stick.

Next, remove the doors and drawers and number them. Don’t forget to take off all the hardware and hinges.

Now it’s time to paint!

I didn’t realize until I was WAY into the process that I should have used primer first. I wasted a lot of expensive paint because I didn’t primer all of it first. Get some primer. Let the guys at Sherwin Williams help you decide the right kind. The wall behind our cabinets was maroon (WHY?!) and I later found out that I should have gotten a pink tinted primer.

After primer, use high quality paint. I love the Emerald line from Sherwin Williams. Here is the paint I used for the tops of my cabinets in plain white. This paint is amazing, covers well and I have had no issues with chipping. It is pricey but worth it.

The bottom half I used the same type of paint… in indigo blue. And when I got done I HATED IT. I affectionately called it Trailer Trash Blue. It was way too bright and shiny. So, I did it again using the plaster paint recipe I posted yesterday. So much better and much more muted. Now I’m in love.


It was a lot of work but it was totally worth it. Have you ever taken on the task of painting kitchen cabinets?

Make It Monday: DIY Plaster Paint

Hello and welcome to another exciting edition of “Make It Monday” on my blog! Actually I guess it’s the first edition but it’s fine and we are all fine and we are just rolling with it today.

Anyway, I want to talk to you today about Plaster Paint. First off, listen, I know that some people have some very firm opinions about plaster paint. I see plenty of bitching on the internet from people that are deeply offended when someone paints furniture with chalk or plaster paint. “How dare anyone cover that gorgeous Cherry finish?”

To that I say… calm the hell down, Brenda. I’m sorry that this finish doesn’t even kind of fit in with my house. I’m sorry that I have offended you by painting a piece of furniture that is going in MY dining room… that I will look at every freaking day. When I die please feel free to sand it down to it’s shiny, fancy, cherry wood glory.

Also, while we are on the subject I am super sorry for painting that old outdated table, and selling it in my flea market booth. I mean, the person that bought it must have only done so out of spite. They probably will sand it down to its original color, right? Sounds pretty stupid, huh? I get that it irritates people, especially with antiques, but sheesh. Go find something else to be mad about. There are literally thousands of things out there. It’s 2020, everyone is offended.

Anyway, carrying on. I love me some plaster paint. You don’t have to do a ton of prep work (priming, extreme sanding, etc.) It covers well without multiple coats and it has a nice muted finish.

When we were working on decorating our dining room we decided to get a china cabinet to hold glasses that we collect on our travels. I searched high and low and finally found one, but it didn’t fit in with our farmhouse theme at all. It was cherry wood and rather regal looking. BUT it was exactly what my husband had in mind for this liquor cabinet, so we got it. With the understanding (and dismay from both my hubby and the seller) that I was going to paint it.

I had a can of indigo colored paint left over from another project, so I decided to turn it into chalk paint and use it!

It’s super easy to make! Just mix together 1 1/2 cups of latex paint, 1/2 cup of warm water and 1/2 cup of plaster of paris. Paint and enjoy!

I will say that a lot of plaster paint projects would probably use wax (kitchen cabinets, this china hutch, etc). Plaster paint wax can be purchased at Lowes or anywhere plaster paint is sold. (here’s some from amazon!) I did not use wax on my hutch, but I think it would protect the finish more and I probably will do it eventually. I’ve never used it on tables, dressers, etc and have never had problems.

Anyway, hope this is helpful to someone for their next DIY paint project!

This post contains affiliate links. By making any purchase using these links I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Galvanized Milk Can Ornaments

Hi! I’ve been working on making new ornaments for our tree this year and I couldn’t finish out this holiday season without showing off one more project.

One day while wandering around Hobby Lobby I found these adorable little galvanized milk cans! I knew immediately that I would need a couple for our Christmas tree! They just needed some work first.

I started first by distressing the finish on the cans a little. They started out awfully shiny.

After doing some research I found that they could be soaked in vinegar and salt to give them a rough finish. Everything I read suggested 2 parts vinegar, 1 part salt. I only had about a cup of vinegar on hand, so I poured it into the bowl and about 1/2 cup of salt. It wasn’t enough to completely submerge them, so I soaked them for about 2 hours before flipping them. Definitely would have wanted to be able to completely submerge them for an even finish next time!

Once they were done, I rinsed them off and added some vinyl decals. I used a cow silhouette I found online and added the word “Milk” and also I used a wreath that I already had and added the R.

After I applied the vinyl, I tired some jute string around the handles and hung them on the tree. I think they turned out really cute! Especially for something that cost about $5.00 total for 2. (Since I had almost all of the material on hand.)

The possibilities are endless with these! You could add any kind of vinyl decor… established dates, last names, etc. And these would be cut with some bows around the top too!

Christmas Stocking Tags

Christmas is less than two weeks away, so naturally I am STILL working on Christmas projects… including my decor.

I am changing all of my Christmas decorations this year, and I bought these super cute buffalo plaid and fur stockings from Hobby Lobby. I don’t really want to put names on them, in case we don’t keep them forever… (check with me again if I ever learn to embroider). So I thought I’d make something to hang from the stocking holders to identify whose is whose.

I found some unfinished wood tags at Dollar General last week and knew they would be perfect! Also, here are some similar ones from Amazon that would be just as great! AND you wouldn’t have to leave your house!

I started with staining the tags. I did this last night so I could let them dry over night.

Today I cut our names out with white HTV. (I’m obsessed with putting HTV on wood these days.) I pressed at 250 degrees for 10 seconds. Make sure to put something like a towel between the heat press and your tag so you don’t get stain on your machine. The font I used is called Shania.

Once these were done I used a 9 inch piece of twine and attached it to the tag.

I love the way they look hanging on the mantle!

Fabric buffalo plaid ornaments

This year I got a wild idea to change all of my Christmas decorations and go with buffalo plaid. This meant I needed everything, right down to ornaments for my tree.

I put my tree up in early November because I have no patience, but my ornaments just went on my tree this week.

I started with these plain wooden ornaments from Hobby Lobby. I painted them black on both sides. Once the paint dried I traced the ornaments onto some fabric using chalk and cut them out. (I used bandanas from Hobby Lobby. Cheap fabric!)

I put a thick layer on mod podge on the wood and attached the fabric, being sure to smooth them out as i went. After allowing them to try for about an hour I used an exacto blade and a pair of scissors to trim off the excess fabric.

Once that was done I painted the little toppers green and worked on cutting out some vinyl. There is something I love about glitter ornaments so I used glitter heat transfer vinyl. After I had it cut and lined up I put my heat press on 250 degrees and pressed the vinyl for about 7 seconds. After the vinyl was applied I added some twine and hung them on my tree! I love the finished product!

Cheap and easy porch gnome

Ever since I jumped headfirst into the gnome trend, I have been tagged in pictures of gnomes over and over again on facebook. Especially the posts with the porch gnomes!

I think they are freaking adorable, but since its in the thick of Christmas crafting season, I rarely have time to make things for myself. 

The other day I was on a mission to finally getting a few ornaments made for my naked Christmas tree and I stumbled upon some garland I had bought and forgot about. I decided to see if I could make a gnome for my porch using things that I already had at home and I made it happen!

Here’s what I used:

Empty coffee can. (This was one of the all ones from Sam’s club)

Sand to fill the tub with. You could use anything heavy.. rocks, etc. I just don’t want him to blow away.

2 Strands of Dollar Tree Garland 

2 bandanas 

A jingle bell

Hot glue


First I started by filling the can with sand to keep him from blowing off my porch. Next I took the first strand and garland and wrapped it around the can. I secured it into place with some hot glue. The second strand of garland I folded in about 15 inch sections so it could imitate a beard coming down the front of the can. I tied twine around the can, over the top of the 2nd layer garland to secure it.

Next I drew a long skinny triangle on of the bandanas and cut out two of them. I just tried to make sure it was a little bigger that the width of the coffee can. I sewed them together to make a hat. This isn’t necessary and could have been done with hot glue, but my sewing machine was out so why not.

I turned the hat right side out and hot glued a Pom Pom to the tip. Next I slid the hat over his “head” and attached the bell to his beard using hot glue. I put it just under the brim of his hat so I old scrunch his hat up just a bit over the nose. I put a few dots of glue all around him under the bottom of his hat so it’ll stay in place.

I love him. ❤️❤️