What’s Cookin’ Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I just wanted to take a few minutes to share some of the yummy foods we made for our New Years Eve party. We enjoyed this and so much more with pulled pork!

This cranberry jalapeno dip was making its rounds on Facebook, and I had some cranberries to use so I gave it a try! It was so very, very good. I was afraid it would be too hot ( I don’t really do spicy) but the cream cheese made it perfect. We served it with crackers!

Also we made this Pioneer Woman layered salad. I didn’t have a fancy trifle bowl, but it was still delicious.

Lastly, these chocolate dipped oreos were a big hit! To me, NYE means gold glitter, so we needed some! Melt the chocolate, dip the oreos, put on a parchment, sprinkle with gold sprinkles and let set up!

These cookies could easily be adapted for Valentine’s Day with pink or red sprinkles!

Keep these in mind for your next gathering!