Tip Tuesday: Overcoming Overwhelm

Oh goodness friends. I thought that once Christmas was over I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed but I’m pretty sure this is the Holiday Season that never ends. It just seemed like I have so many tasks looming over my head and not enough time to work on any of it. I was making a to do list in the morning and falling asleep with almost the same list every night. Finally, I just hit a brick wall. I wore myself out, ended up getting a nasty cold, and then spent all day sitting around with a sore, achy body,

The other day I was on the phone with my cousin, whining about how I felt like garbage and she suggested a few things. After putting some of her ideas into action, combined with my own, I am finally feeling human again. Here are a few ideas to consider if you need to overcome overwhelm.

Making healthy choices.

Roll your eyes all you want, but I can tell you that my brain and body both work a whole lot better if I watch what I am putting in my body. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, and work on eating clean. You don’t have to be perfect, but I promise when I eat fruits and veggies, I feel a lot better than when I eat processed crap.

Move your body

It’s a good idea in general to get some sort of exercise daily. And if you get bored easily, like me, you can switch it up to keep yourself interested. Right now I am working on lifting weights every other day (arms/shoulders one day, legs another) and then doing yoga on my off days. I can’t say enough good things about yoga. My body and mind feel better, and I’m going to the chiropractor less often. The FitOn app is great for yoga workouts and I love Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube. Both are great resources and wonderful for learning foundational poses.

Essential Oils

Ok, call me a hippie all you want but I really do enjoy essential oils. I don’t use them as a cure all, but I have absolutely had some great results with them. Yesterday, I slathered my neck with Stress Away oil from Young Living. My neck and shoulders were so tight and I was about at the end of my rope. Within an hour the tension was subsided and today it was gone. It could be a coincidence but honestly it had been on going weeks, so whatever it was worked for me. Also, I started diffusing 3 drops of orange oil and 3 drops of peppermint oil. I feel like this really did help with my energy and clarity.

Make a list and get it done

When all else fails, I return to the fact that I’m a list maker. I have a long to do list going on right now, but within the past few days I have finally checked a few things off. Some were easy tasks, some were pain the ass tasks. Try to choose the one thing that you need to do, but don’t want to. Once its done, it’s done and you can’t procrastinate on it anymore. AND it will make all the other tasks easier.

Self Care

Self care doesn’t have to be a spa day, but it should be something you enjoy. I like to take a bath after the kids go to bed with epsom salts. Maybe it’s only 30 minutes of alone time, but it’s alone time. Find something that recharges you and schedule it in. Stick to it because you should not break promises to yourself.

How do you deal with overwhelm?

Tip Tuesday: Craft Businesses and Trademarks

Lately I’ve been trying to think of what I can blog about to be helpful to other crafters. I’ve been thinking that I should talk about trademarks for a while now. Yesterday, a local business owner shared some posts about NFL Logo and Trademarks. A lot of my crafting friends shared it around, so I’m thinking maybe this is something that needs to be dug into a little bit more.

This week the Kansas City Chiefs won a play off game and they are headed to the Super Bowl. This is a huge deal because we live in the Midwest and this is basically everyone’s team. Immediately after the game local businesses starting posting orders for Chiefs shirts. And it kinda made me cringe a little, but also Not My Business.

The next day I got a few messages from people asking if I could make them Chiefs decals and shirts and I quickly said “nope… copyright laws!” and held my breath because I’m a people pleaser and hate disappointing people. But, also I have to stand my ground too. I have absolutely done things in the past for friends, because they were my friends and I hate telling people no.

However, now that I have revamped by business and rebranded, I have set ground rules to myself and one of them is that it’s ok to say no. There are so many other people in my area that do this type of thing, so maybe someone else will be willing to help them. But, I don’t do custom orders, and I certainly am not doing trademarked stuff.

And it’s for a good reason! In order to be able to see licensed stuff, you have to purchase the license… and it’s expensive. And the company has to approve what you are selling. As in: “Ok, for $3,000 you can sell up to 500 shirts with this particular design”. No thank you.

When you are selling things that aren’t your intellectual property, you are running a risk of receiving letters in the mail telling you to stop, being sued, having to pay back those profits, having your facebook shut down.

This includes buying designs. Baby Yoda is all over Etsy and Disney will shut you down in a heartbeat. Just because the design is for sale, doesn’t mean its legal to sell it.

Now, please know that I’m not trying to tell anyone how to run their business. It’s not my business how you do business. However, this is stuff that I wasn’t aware of when I started making and selling vinyl crafts. To each their own, but its food for thought. I don’t think it’s worth the risk.

Tip Tuesday: Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Last Spring I got the bright idea to paint my kitchen cabinets because we were preparing to lay down our new flooring. Since then I’ve had a ton of people ask me about them, so I wanted to take a moment to share my process and tools.

First off, painting cabinets is a huge freaking job. HUGE. This took me probably a full week, if not longer, and I cussed literally the whole time. BUT. It’s cheaper than replacing cabinets and a little bit of paint changes things so much! I am still in love with the outcome.


Prep Work

There is plenty of prep work involved with painting cabinets. Especially in an almost 70 year old house. First, I spent some time cleaning like a crazy woman. I mixed together some baking soda, dawn and warm water and used this to scrub everything down. WARNING: this will ruin the cabinets finish (I accidentally found this out when we moved in, long before I was ready to paint… whoops.) but since we were painting I didn’t care this time around.

After cleaning everything up I got some deglosser and went over all of the outside wood twice. Be sure to wear gloves, and safety glasses (yes you’ll look like a dork but that won’t matter if you get it in your eye and go blind will it?) and open a window.

I didn’t do any sanding, but the deglosser helped the paint to stick.

Next, remove the doors and drawers and number them. Don’t forget to take off all the hardware and hinges.

Now it’s time to paint!

I didn’t realize until I was WAY into the process that I should have used primer first. I wasted a lot of expensive paint because I didn’t primer all of it first. Get some primer. Let the guys at Sherwin Williams help you decide the right kind. The wall behind our cabinets was maroon (WHY?!) and I later found out that I should have gotten a pink tinted primer.

After primer, use high quality paint. I love the Emerald line from Sherwin Williams. Here is the paint I used for the tops of my cabinets in plain white. This paint is amazing, covers well and I have had no issues with chipping. It is pricey but worth it.

The bottom half I used the same type of paint… in indigo blue. And when I got done I HATED IT. I affectionately called it Trailer Trash Blue. It was way too bright and shiny. So, I did it again using the plaster paint recipe I posted yesterday. So much better and much more muted. Now I’m in love.


It was a lot of work but it was totally worth it. Have you ever taken on the task of painting kitchen cabinets?

Tip Tuesday: Tips for paying off debt

We have been working on eliminating debt for the past few years. Albeit, we would be a lot further if we didn’t take vacations or take on another car payment, but honestly, I think we have done pretty well. I have had a few people ask me for advice, so I thought this would be a great topic for todays blog post!

So, if you are sick of not having money, read on and I hope I can help!

First off, I highly recommend reading Dave Ramsey’s book: Total Money Makeover. This book is what started me on paying off debt. Dave is who my husband listens to in the car. Dave’s daughter Rachel is one of my hero’s. He is all about good stuff. You can get the book from Amazon here.

Secondly, you need to figure out where your money is going. I suggest going through your bank account and taking some notes. Where are you spending your money? Sonic? Amazon? The gas station? Those little purchases add up over time and they tend to end up your extra money in no time, so see where your money is going. This tends to be a big eye opener.

Next, you need a budget. How much do you have to spend on gas and groceries and medical monthly? Write it down and stick that amount. Out of grocery money before payday? Guess you better dig through the pantry and see what you can do! You need a budget so that you can tell your money where to go and so you can ensure it’s not going where it shouldn’t be. I highly recommend separating your money into envelopes (gas, groceries, entertainment, etc) but if you don’t like carrying a bunch of cash, make sure to keep tabs on where you are in your budget throughout the month.. or pay period. That’s how I budget because we get paid bi-weekly. Find what works for you!

When you are trying to get rid of debt, the key is to get busy and do it fast so you don’t run out of juice. Basically, you need to either spend less money per month, or bring in more income.

Spending less doesn’t have to be crazy. Here are a few things we’ve done:

Have a no spend month. Spend the entire month only buying what you need. Groceries, gas, etc. No eating out or extra shopping.

Cut cable or satellite! This is one of the big things we did to lessen our bills. We did have to pay to cancel our contract, but overall it was still cheaper to do that then it would have been to pay $160 a month for another year.

Evaluate your grocery bill. Dave says to eat Beans and Rice and Rice and Beans. I eat low carb so no thank you. However, you can still lower your bill. Lay off the processed stuff that is full is sodium and chemicals and make homemade. I’m 87% sure millionaires don’t eat hot pockets anyway. Ditch pop and bottles of water and pop tarts, and focus on spending less! I love shopping at Aldi because it keeps my costs low. Also, I like to use Wal-Mart grocery pickup. Then, if I have to use Wal-Mart, at least I’m not in there buying a bunch of random crap I don’t need.

Bring in more money! This doesn’t mean you have to get a second job or go to work if you are a stay at home mom, but a little side hustle never hurts. Sell crafts or cookies or babysit for your friends. Have a yard sale or a facebook sale to get rid of random crap. It’s amazing how much we accumulate but don’t use. Turn that crap into cash and use it to get closer to your goals.

Ok, I think that is about enough of my Ted Talk for now. I love this topic and could go on for a long time, but again READ TOTAL MONEY MAKEOVER. It’s a game and life changer.

Are you working on debt payoff this year?

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